Showreel 2018

Filmed by Simon Whitlock



The Poacher Hunters - 25min Documentary for BBC iPlayer & BBC News

Malawian rangers and the British Army join forces in the battle against poaching in Southern Africa. But is foreign military involvement in African conservation a welcome intervention?

In the Poacher Hunters we follow two young British soldiers as they patrol Malawi’s protected areas while tracking the aggressive black rhino and African Elephant. We speak to a convicted poacher about why he hunted the animals and how he got caught, and we learn that the model of militarised conservation supported by the British Army can be controversial.

Producer Director - Simon Whitlock

Producer - James Waterhouse

The Youngertakers - 25min Documentary for BBC iPlayer

Meet the teenagers who choose to work with the dead for a career - young undertakers. Luke is one of the UK’s youngest funeral home bosses and is trying to build up his new business; we follow him as he prepares for his biggest funeral to date. 17 year old Ellie is learning to prepare the dead for burial, and we’re with Ben on his first ever night shift, collecting dead bodies.

Producer Director - Simon Whitlock

Producer - Ben Mundy

Steroid Nation - BBC documentary for the iPlayer

Investigating reports of a rise in the use of anabolic steroids in gyms in the UK. Reporter Dan Whitworth meets Gareth, a long-term steroid user and body builder to find out why he and others like him use the drug. Dan meets an illegal steroid dealer who supplies steroids and other drugs to casual gym users and then travels with Gareth to a specialist doctor who examines the effect his steroid use has had on his health.

Producer Director - Simon Whitlock

Reporter - Dan Whitworth

Additional work as a director, camera person and video journalist.

Producer/director for The One Show and BBC News & iPlayer documentaries on Crohn's disease, hair loss and interracial relationships.

BBC news stories for Victoria Derbyshire, BBC Breakfast and the 10 o’clock News.

News, features and current affairs stories for The Independent, The Telegraph & Evening Standard.

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